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There is no better feeling than reeling in a trophy salmon or fighting a huge halibut from the depths of the ocean. Off the Grid Marine Ltd.. is not only a fishing charter company. Our company is a complete tourism product that caters to whatever the customer is requesting. And we do go Off the Grid!

Off The Grid Marine Services

Your Guide and Boat

Scott Burchett

To be a great charter guide, a lot of time on the water and training is needed.

Spending most of my life doing various recreational fishing adventures and voyages has helped develop most every day skills needed to be successful however, to be the best requires dedication and specialized training.

I have acquired all the necessary Transport Canada certificates that allow me to operate and be insured, as well as being a past member of the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue. Have fun and come home safe, is my motto, and that will never change

The Helen June

Helen June docked in Kelsey Bay

More About Scott

filleting pink salmon, Kelsey Bay


“The first rule when on the water is get back to the dock safely.  The second rule is to have a great time and catch fish!”

Marine Adventures

Fishing Charters

trolling for salmon, Johnstone Strait

Experience some of the best saltwater fishing in Canada on the Johnstone Strait.  Salmon, Halibut, Cod, Crab, and Prawns.

Wildlife Tours

Orca whale Johnstone Strait

World class whale watching and marine life encounters await from daily departures from Kelsey Bay, Sayward.